Five Genies & A Fabulous Home

by Ijas Np on Oct 28, 2021

As a wise mind once said, “When all else fails, cleaning your house is the perfect antidote to most of life’s ills.” But finding the right cleaning product for the job, whether that’s removing stubborn ink stains or making the bathroom sparkling like new, can be tough. While some people solely rely on home concoctions, there are others who are constantly in the search for the best cleaning supplies to spruce up their home. If you’re one of those people who are still searching for the perfect household products, then we got you covered. 

As cleaning materials suppliers in Dubai, we have a fair idea on some of the best cleaning supplies that will be good for your home. Cleany Genie is one such brand that will surprise you! Not only does it work wonders for your home, if you buy it from us, you can get it refilled too! 

A brand that strives toward creating cleaning supplies that are sustainable and good for the community, it also puts its best foot forward when it comes to its best prices in the market. So, whether cleaning feels like a joy or a duty, these are the 5 must-haves from Cleany Genie, to keep your house spick and span.

1. Dishwash Liquid M3

Powered by the flavor of the zesty lemon, this dishwash liquid is absolutely made for keeping your dirty dishes spotlessly clean! Be it any kind of dirt from oil, food waste, and even residue, this dishwash liquid is the addition you never knew you needed to your kitchen cleaning products

2. Floor Cleaner M4

Keeping the floors of your home clean is a constant challenge for all families and especially those that have a little one having fun at home. The Cleany Genie floor cleaner is not only antibacterial, but is also harmless for the children at home! It came and it cleaned!

3. M20 Toilet Cleaner

While some toilet cleaning materials do the job of keeping your toilet clean, it often has a strong smell that not everyone can adjust to. This toilet cleaner not only smells nice, but it also makes the task of cleaning your bathroom fun! No longer will you have fights at home on who has to clean the dirty toilet!

4. All Purpose Cleaner M11

Just like the name suggests, this cleaning supply can be used for everything in your home. From cleaning the floor and to even being used as a kitchen cleaning product, this all purpose cleaner can do it all! 

5. Heavy Duty Drain Opener M29 

Unclogging drains are one of the biggest issues you might face. Try all you want, but the drain just won’t get unclogged isn’t it? Cleany Genie has the solution for that too! A must have to your list of household products, this drain opener unclogs the drain for you in no time!

Although these are just some of the products that Cleany Genie has for keeping your home squeaky clean, this brand will keep you coming back for more after a single use! From laundry detergents to even hand washes and shampoos, they sure do have it all!