Increase Refill, Decrease the Landfills!

by Ijas Np on Oct 29, 2021

The cleaning products industry is one of the best examples for an industry that has been facing constant criticism over the fact that it has been using a lot of unnecessary plastic bottles to sell their products where in case they can just find a better solution to give away cleaning supplies. Sustainable packaging can often have less to do with environmentally friendly packaging materials and more to do with how we distribute household products.

As one of the cleaning material suppliers in Dubai, we came up with innovative refilling stations for all your cleaning supplies. The whole process works in a way that if you buy a cleaning solution from us once, you can just come back with the empty container and get the solution you want refilled from any of our stations. As a consumer, it helps you save your money, and as a human being, you save the environment around you. 

Here are some reasons why you should considering refilling your cleaning products as it gets over: 

  • Saves money

Although we know that whatever products we use are already sold to us in the cheapest way possible, by adopting the refilling method, you save further money as the only thing you end up spending on is refilling the cleaning chemicals and nothing else. 

  • Saves the environment

Let’s face it, everyone would prefer just rushing over to the shop and getting a new bottle of a household product than waiting at one of the cleaning material suppliers in Dubai to refill the product you need and give it to you. But, if you do so, your actions create a ripple effect that ends up nurturing the environment. 

  • Paving the way for future

When we started with this innovation, the ultimate idea was for others to follow suit and introduce several refilling stations for various other products all across UAE. In countries like the UK and USA, brands like Green11, The Refill Place, Common Good, etc. have already made refilling stations commonly available. 

When reusing and refilling aren't viable options, recycling is the next best option for reducing waste. It will be tough to reduce the quantity of waste generated by throwaway packaging, but with the deployment of these alternative refill techniques across the UAE, it may still be achievable. This isn't to argue that these techniques will eliminate all packaging waste, but they are undoubtedly a step in the right direction.