Cahaba Snake Trap

Cahaba Snake Trap is made of a commercial grade of outdoor plastic and comes complete with 1 glue inserts. A small trap measures 16 inches long and will handle large snakes. The Cahaba Snake Trap also helps control rodents, mice, lizards, spiders, insects and is great for Brown Recluse spiders inside the home. 

Cahaba Snake Trap is very easy to use and works rain or shine 24 hours a day. Cahaba Snake Trap can be used almost anywhere and is great for lake homes, hunting lodges, basements, flower beds any place snakes have been seen. 

Cahaba Snake Trap is an economic alternative to single use products. Cahaba Snake Trap will last for years. You only need to order catch inserts.

Buy Cahaba Snake Trap is very easy to use and almost anywhere like outdoor and indoor. Make your space free from the poisonous snake and its bite. Snake Control Product.

  • AED 385.00
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