Granite Cookware Casserole 36cm - CSGSH-36MI

Granite coated cookware reinforced with titanium to strengthen the performance inside. Titanium granite is a famous eco-friendly non-stick coating material. Titanium granite coating is a perfect combination of non-stick coating technology and natural inspiration.

This cookware range has a drilled base perfect for inducing healthy cooking. The pots are ovenproof and dishwasher safe. Excellent for frying and braising with perfectly shaped heat resistant handles.
With modern design and quality, Vogati Granite Cookware, your best kitchen partner!

Die-Cast Aluminum pot with glass Lid, SS-RIM before use , wash with washing liquid and hot water then clean the pot before storage after using cover the pot properly

Care directives and instructions container

1. Before first use, grease pans with some frying oil and then rinse with water.

2. If the container is empty, do not heat it for a long time.

3. In order to prevent damage to containers that may occur due to remaining frying oil (At 200° C it steams), pour some cold water after using the container and wash it off after a while.

4. In order to protect your precious dishes prevent from using sharp kitchen tools. Wood and plastic tools are being offered because the scratches were caused by these tools does not any influence on the container.

5. For cleaning dishes, some hot water, dish soap and a soft cloth is recommended.

6. After the dishes were washed in the dishwasher, and before it is reused. Grease i the container with a few drops of oil and frying fat. Stain and discolor the pan pot is harmless for "Dicast" nonstick coated containers.

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