Kress Kleen

KK 8PC Cleaning Kit (15% OFF + 15L Bucket Free!) Classic Plus Orange

The Classic Kit upgraded with our turbo charged 'Warrior' Wonder Mop (for those pesky spills) and a tri pack of our plush microfbre dish cloths for a clean streak free shine!


  1. 'Captain' Indoor Broom: 8cm soft flagged bristles to catch extra fine dust, rubber borders that prevent damage to furniture, and a sturdy 130cm steel handle with rotating hanger hole for easy storage.
  2. 'Ranger' Clip-On Dust Pan Set: Flagged bristle tips and a soft rubber lip for easier debris pickup. Ergonomically designed soft-grip Kress Kleen® handle conveniently clips into dust pan for easy storage.
  3. 'Arya' Wet Mop: Improved poly-cotton fibre recycled with viscose for extra strength & absorption. Powerful scouring pad designed to remove the toughest dirt and a sturdy 130cm steel handle with rotating hanger hole for easy storage.
  4. 'Warrior' Wonder Mop: Premium sponge absorbs 10 times more water than other mops, in under 2 minutes! Double rollers provide controlled and complete squeezing and its stainless steel telescopic rod extends to 1.2 meters.
  5. Microfibre Dish Cloths (3 Pack): Microfibre absorbs up to 6 times its own weight in water making these ideal to dry dishes and remove greasy marks from sinks, tiles & marble. These 300 GSM ‘lint-free’ plush cloths guarantee a streak-free shine, every time!
  6. 'Striker' Scrub Brush: Contoured handle to absorb pressure & protect knuckles while scrubbing. Its soft PET bristles are suitable to clean clothes & shoes. Ergonomic design for ease of use and quality construction for longer life.
  7. Microfibre Jumbo Sponge: Microfibre attracts dust like a magnet making this your ideal home duster. Added grip for ease of use. Large, super absorbent sponge makes car cleaning a quick & easy task as well.
  8. 'Scuba' Floor Cloth: New absorbent viscose blend fibre for improved performance & durability.
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  • AED 183.75
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